Neoprene rubber is a general purpose material for applications with no specific demands for heat- oil and chemical resistance.​​​​



EPDM-rubber (hard)has excellent ozone and weather resistance and are suitable for a wide range of temperature applications.​


Fluor Elastomer.​

Unique Chemical resistance, almost like Teflon ® (PTFE).

Temp. -50° to +316° C.


Fluorocarbon gummi (Viton)​

FPM/FKM materials have excellent resistance to temperatures and Chemicals such as mineral oils and greases, aliphatics, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, fuels .

Excellent resistance to ageing and ozone, very low gas permeability.

Temp. -30° to +200° C.


Butadien Acrylonitril, Nitrilgummi.​

Nitrile rubber is a medium hard rubber product with good resistance to oil and greases. Limited weather and ozone resistance.​


Hydreret Nitrilgummi.​

Very good resistance to oil compared with NBR but also good resistance. Good resistance to wear especially at high temperatures.​



POM is especially used in fine mechanics demanding low maintenance functionality, high strenght, elasticity and dimensional stability. POM is used where a good combination of hardness, stiffness, toughness and high fatigue strenght is needed.

With POM the tendency of cold flow is considerably reduced.

POM is distinguished by fine friction and wear resistance.

The temperature range is wide and POM is resistant to many chemicals.

Should not be used in connection with strong mineral acids and oxidising chemicals or in applications exposed to UV-radiation.



Besides having extremely low friction value PTFE distinguishes itselft by a unique chemical resistance, high thermal resistance, no stick-slip effect and extreme ozone weathering and ageing resistance.

Pure PTFE is not very elastic and the mechanial strenght is limited and it has a tendency to cold flow. These disadvantages are elimated though by elastic elements in the form of o-rings or stainless steel springs.



Polyurehthan rubber of this kind is distinguished by very high wear restistance, hardness and elasticity.

The material has also very high tear and elongation at break resistance



High thermal heat resistance and certain qualities can be used down at -100° C.

Can be used in hot water up to 100° C, but not in steam over 100° C. Moderately resistant to mineral oil.

good dielectric properties.

Is only recommended for static seals due to relatively poor break and tear resistance and poor wear resistance.

Many qualities are suitable for food and medical use.

Temp. -60° to +200°C.

Stål Type C

Type C 60 / C 75 - Fjederstål​

Stål / Zink

Zink overfladebehandlet​


Rustfrit stål​

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