Gaskets and seals for industrial use

SEALTECH ApS has a wide range of O-rings, gaskets, sets of Gaskets, seals and related products. We have a very large stock and, therefore, we can typically offer very fast deliveries of all our products.

We offer many kinds of items in rubber, PTFE, nylon, steel and many other Materials.

Marine industry uses our gaskets and seals

We are a serious partner with many years of experience in the sale of various types of gaskets and seals for industry, including food and marine industries.

Our wide range of products are used among others for marine engines. We obviously requires that our suppliers are ISO certified.

We can supply gaskets and seals throughout the area from the very finest precision seals of pneumatic for quite large and demanding hydraulic applications. In addition, our experts are happy to help you find the right solution for gaskets and seals, including extreme conditions.

​We have a very large selection of seals and gaskets

​Our wide range of gaskets and seals range across among others.

  • ​X-rings
  • ​V-rings
  • O-rings
  • Locking ringd
  • Control rings
  • Fiber discs
  • Up rings
  • O-ring cords

  • Wiper rings

  • The guide band

  • ​Gaskets
  • Cobber discs
  • ​Bonded seals
  • ​U-manchets
  • Shaft seals

  • PTFE seals

  • ​Hat-manchets
  • Oil seals

  • Punched gaskets

  • End Cover Gaskets

You are welcome to contact SEALTECH Ltd. on telephone 70 28 10 60 or on our e-mail that is if you want to order gaskets and seals for your business or if you have questions about our solutions.

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